Turtle Geometry

Seymour Papert and Cynthia Solomon transformed differential geometry into something completely accessible to elementary aged children. My original motivation for learning federated wiki was in hopes of integrating turtle geometry into a communications system to empower sharing and collaboration.

- [ ] story of generalizing triangle to polygon and the fire that lit in my belly - [x] embed turtle in a frame. see Drawing to Think - [ ] embed wander in a frame - [ ] pull highlights from wander's .org file - [ ] iteration at the heart of Vanishing Point and wander's implementation

We seek to bring previous javascript experiments with turtle geometry to wiki. We are porting a turtle geometry editor from a previous jQuery-based implementation to a modern ES6 implementation. In our most recent branch we have a proof-of-concept that our editor can save geometry into the memory of a seran-wiki outpost where it can be included in a node-based wiki and forked into the wider federation.

If you watch what architects actually do when they design, you'll see that all of them draw to think. At the wiki hangout I shared a bunch of past projects experimenting with ways to draw in browsers. Here I collect the links with the intent of expanding this into a wiki of its own.

Engineering sketches and drawings are the building blocks of technological design and production. These visual representations act as the means for organizing the design to production process, hence serving as a "social glue" both between individuals and between groups. The author discusses two main capacities such visual representations serve in facilitating distributed cognition in team design work As conscription devices, they enlist and organize group participation. As boundary objects, they facilitate the reading of alternative meanings by various g

Allen Wirfs-Brock says Software Diagrams Aren’t Always Correct and That’s OK. Software designers/architects often use informal diagrams to capture their conceptualization of the structure and interactions of the higher-level abstractions of their designs. Such diagrams can serve as maps that help developers understand the territory of the code. post